How to Get Real Estate Leads Using Digital Marketing

Congratulations you have just got your real estate license and now you're ready to help your clients buy and sell. With the world's population constantly increasing so is the demand for housing so real estate agents are more essential than ever. However there are also more agents than ever before with flocks of aspiring agents looking to take advantage of the hot and expanding market. So how does one ensure that they stand out and gain the business of ready to buy/sell clients among the vast sea of available agents? The answer is to show your customer base that you're a result driven and proven agent through targeted advertising.

Gaining business as a real estate agent has a lot to do with trust. Purchasing/selling a home is one of the biggest transactions and life decisions a typical person or family makes. Because of the magnitude of this decision most people in the market are looking for a realtor that is knowledgeable, proven and caring of their clients needs. All of these factors help create trust in a particular realtor when making a decision on who to use to sell/buy a home.

Your Website

Before doing anything it is fundamental that you have your own website. Many new realtors work under a agency and are featured on that agency’s website however it is great to have your own personal website as well that gives your clients a bit more information about you in particular while also showcasing your particular listings. The goal is to create a user friendly website with a tasteful/modern design that showcases your professionalism and capabilities. Having this information available publicly online helps build trust/credibility in your abilities as a realtor. The website should have easy to access and noticeable contact forms for interested clients to easily get in touch with you. If you need some ideas for your website design it is always a great idea to check out the websites of some top selling realtors/agencies you know of. Building the perfect website is never easy however luckily at Mr.Web we have crafted the art of creating responsive realtor websites proven to captivate more of your audience and generate more leads. If you have any questions on how Mr.Web can help you create a high quality and responsive website feel free to reach out to us for a free consultation.

Your Content

Content is essentially the substance of your web presence. There are various forms of content but generally the purpose of content is to capture your audience's attention and provide them with the information they are looking for. You will want to provide high quality images for all your properties. With the ongoing pandemic many realtors have started to provide interactive virtual tours which allow the customer to experience the property and its layout without having to actually visit the property. Some realtors also create fun content such as a YouTube channel to showcase and discuss interesting or unique properties that they are selling or have access to. Another great way to boost traffic and keep you in the top of people’s minds is a blog. There are all sorts of topics you can blog about as a realtor. For example you can write a blog on the “best home renovations to increase property value” or “the best time of year to buy”. The options are endless when it comes to creating blogs and as long as your blog content is high quality, relevant and consistent you should start building a following. You will be happy to know that Mr.Web can help you with all sorts of content creation such as virtual tours, property photography, guest blogs, graphic design and much much more. If you would like to discuss how Mr.Web can help you with your content creation needs feel free to contact us.

Social Presence

Now that you have a website and content you need a place where you can post your content for the world to see and drive traffic to your website. Social media platforms are the perfect outlet for this. Be sure to setup a profile banner and a professional profile picture on Facebook letting your friends on Facebook know that you are a realtor. Once you're satisfied with the layout of your Facebook be sure to join relevant groups on Facebook such as local community groups for the areas you serve or home buying/selling groups. Perhaps you are part of a distinct ethnic group and speak a second language. In such a case it would be a great idea to join that ethnic group's local Facebook group if they have one. If you notice people have questions that you know the answers to be sure to help them out as this is a no pressure way to introduce yourself to potential clients and will help you earn referral business as well. Be sure to share your blogs and listings as well as other content on your Facebook and Instagram in order to create an audience and direct traffic to your website and listings. As mentioned before YouTube is a great platform to post house tours and other fun content on. Not only does it give you a free place to host your videos but it also gives you exposure to thousands of potential viewers.

Digital Advertising

At this point you have created a website, created content and have established an online social presence. Now that you have created a strong foundation you are ready to advertise. Digital advertising is outstandingly impressive as it allows you to create highly targeted ads at affordable prices. For example let's assume Bob the realtor has a billboard in a bus stop. Most of the people driving by don’t pay attention to his billboard because they are focused on the road and the majority of the people actually viewing his ad at the bus stop are the bus goers which are generally not in the income bracket Bob is targeting. The beauty of digital advertising is that Bob can specifically target people by income, gender, age and interests. This way he won’t waste money targeting people who are not at the financial status to buy a home or target people that are at an age where they aren’t buying a home. Most importantly he will be targeting people who are actively showing online interest in selling or buying homes. Digital advertising also provides Bob with many more engaging ad formats. While most physical marketing limits you to image ads digital advertising opens the doors to vibrant and engaging formats such as video. Videos ads can be set up in various ways to accomplish different goals. For example you can have a short video ad showing a particular property or you can have a video explaining who you are and why you're the ideal agent to choose. The possibilities are endless with video advertising. There are various outlets for digital advertising. You can advertise on social media platforms such as Facebook,Instagram,YouTube or you can advertise on Google. You can even advertise on industry related websites. Let's suppose Sara specializes in selling pre construction condos in the Toronto area. Now let's suppose there is a website dedicated to providing info on pre construction condos. Not only do most of these types of real estate sites sell leads but most of the time you can pay to have your ad posted on their site. This is a great way to get ready to buy leads to contact you. Although digital advertising can be highly effective and affordable most ads need to be properly optimized and the content needs to be engaging. At Mr.Web we are highly experienced in creating and managing ad campaigns that will constantly bring new leads to you. If you have any questions on how Mr.Web can help you with your digital advertising be sure to contact us.


Fast forward and now you have sold your first few properties. Make sure to collect online reviews and testimonials from your customers. You can use platforms such as Facebook, Google and your own website to collect these reviews. Good reviews will help establish you as a trustworthy realtor to prospective clients. A good practice is to ask your clients what they thought of working with you. If the client is happy with your service ask them to give you a review. If the client offers you some criticism or is unhappy with the service don’t ask them for a review however do take note of what they were not satisfied with and work to improve that aspect of your service.

As you can see there are many components that come together to form the ideal digital marketing environment for your real estate success. Although some components can be managed by yourself, many complex components such as ad campaigns, virtual tours, graphic design and website development are best handled with the help of a professional team. Mr.Web has the capabilities to do all this and more. If you have any questions or would like a free consultation please feel free to contact Mr.Web and one of our consultants would be more than happy to assist you.

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