How to change your Facebook Page Name In 2021

Updated: Jan 17

For anyone who is dealing with it or has dealt with it in the past, changing a Facebook page's name is one of the most annoying and difficult tasks on the platform. It can be mind-blowing how something that should be so simple is made into such a difficult task.

For those who don't know Facebook has a set of strict guidelines when it comes to changing a Facebook page's name. Essentially they don't want you changing a page name and targeting an already established audience with content they didn't want to subscribe to. Essentially what Facebook is trying to avoid is you changing your page called "Best Dog Videos" to "Best Cat Videos" and start putting unwanted content on people's feeds. However, the method Facebook has taken is a bit overkill. Essentially the a.i they have put in place is so strict that any name change that changes more than 30-40% of the name will be disapproved.

This has caused major issues for many small companies and groups/organizations. For example, let's say you have a mechanic shop called "Steves Auto" and you decided to change the name of the shop to "Performance Brothers". Facebook's system won't approve the name change because in the programs eyes the name is so different.

In the past, there were some ways you could attempt to change the name of a page:

1) Change the name word by word

Changing the name word by word used to be a good option. You simply change 1 or 2 words a week until you get your desired result. Although this still works sometimes for those who are lucky for companies with larger or one-word names it often doesn't work.

2) Facebook Account Representative

If you have large campaigns with big monthly budgets you will more than likely be assigned a Facebook account representative. If you have this representative we can simply have them request your Facebook name change. As the old saying goes, money talks. Unfortunatly if your campaigns are smaller you most likely wont be assigned an account rep.

Obviously the above isn't much help. So how does the team at Mr.Web help their clients when they need their Facebook name changed?

Here is a step-by-step process!

Step 1: Go to Facebook Business Help Centre

Step 2: Click Support on the top right hand of the page

Step 3: Click "Get Started on the Left-Hand Side of The Page

Step 4: Choose the "Business Pages" option

Step 5: Click the "Change Page Name" option

Step 6: Click "Chat with a representative"

Step 7: Explain to the rep that you have/are rebranding and have one of the following documentations ready as proof of your rebranding:

- A press release or news article about the rebranding

- Articles of Amendment for a name change

- A link to your official website that states the change

- A link to a post on your Facebook Page that announces the change

Step 8: Ask the rep to appeal your name change for you

Step 9: You might get an email from a Facebook rep within 24-48 hours asking for more documents or different documents

Step 10: If you have done everything correctly in the previous steps you should have your facebook name change approved at this point. Expect to get an email within 24-48 hours informing you of this. Congratualations!

Ar Mr.Web our agency specializes in web development, SEO and Ad Managment. If you are looking for the right team for any of these services or have any general questions we can help you with feel free to contact us!

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